BONNie silva

                          Full spectrum DOULA

                        Newborn Care specialist

*Fully bilingual Brazilian Portuguese/English certified Breastfeeding counselor


Informing and supporting women, birthing partners and their significate other in a conscious manner about their bodies during the process of birth/labor, I have a strong belief that every birth is different and therefore should be respected and honored individually.

As a feminist and a yogi, respect, agency and awareness are your rights as a human being. Mothers and birthing partners will remember the birth of their babies for the rest of their lives and it's my purpose and goal to make the birth process as a rewarding, calm and positive experience as possible. Not only do I believe in the power of knowledge and consent, but also in empowering and reassuring the birthing partner of their inner strength to birth from within.

I will support you through the birth process with movement, care and a bit of laughter, and I will be with you through the emotional rollercoaster birth can be.


Brooklyn area (617)571-2574