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Sivanne Mass

Bonnie was very caring, kind and attentive throughout our entire pregnancy and birthing process. She was very flexible and did everything she could to help us feel calm and prepared for the most important event of our lives. As a first birth, we had to think through many preferences and needs and Bonnie helped us think through what we needed and then supported us to meet those needs throughout our labor. She was prepared with many breathing, meditation, and massage techniques, and came prepped with different tools to help us through the process. She was very communicative and it is very easy to see that she has a great passion for what she is doing. Although just starting out, it is clear that Bonnie is continually working to add more knowledge and experience to her skillset. During the time we worked with her, Bonnie attended infant CPR, breastfeeding, and birthing classes and used her base knowledge of yoga in a very supportive manner that translated to the birth. During labor I felt very safe and secure and supported. I would recommend Bonnie to others as a kind soul and loving support.



Valerie Boyle 

Bonnie provided calm & support when my daughter’s birth took a turn towards the unexpected.  I chose Bonnie to be my doula during my first pregnancy.  I'd intended to have an assisted home birth with a registered nurse midwife. About 12 hours into my labor things had hit a stand still and  I needed to be transferred to the hospital for further assessment. Bonnie stayed by my side the entire time. Her support & guidance gave me confidence & encouragement during my labor. Her strength and composure assisted me in navigating decisions & interactions during my hospital transfer. Her kindness, friendship & advice relieved me during the healing process. Bonnie is incredibly generous with her time & attention & practical with her advice. She will make a valuable addition to any birth team.