services and Rates



$1,400 flat rate

* My birth doula services include two prenatal visits, labor support beginning whenever you feel you need it, and two postpartum sessions after your baby is home with you to ensure that you feel supported and are healing and well nourished, help you process the birth and establish successful breastfeeding.

* My initial in-person consultation is free of charge and allows us to learn if we will be a good doula-client match.

During our prenatal visits, we will get to know each other and discuss your birth preferences. I will prepare you and your partner with questions for your care providers, help as you devise your postpartum period, cover comfort techniques during labor and more.

* I’m available for unlimited phone and email support and I will be on call for you 24 hours a day starting at your 37th gestational week until your baby is born. 

After your baby is born, I will be present for up to 2 hours to make sure your postpartum wishes are respected and to demostrate breastfeeding.

*Our two postpartum sessions(4 hour sessions) are done within the baby’s first month.





   Breastfeeding support

    $200 flat rate (2 hour session)

*Breastfeeding support, heping with swaddling tecniques the baby

*Latch assessment

*Breastfeeding positions

*breastfeeding pumping questions 

*Infant massage




Postpartum  CARE

$35/ HouR (4-HouR MINimum) day

$45/HouR (8-hour minimum) NIGHT

The first few weeks after the baby is born can be a beautiful and over whelming experience for both parents and the baby. As a postpartum doula, I am there to help you develop and settle into your new routine during those firs days/weeks. 

* I will guide you though maternal postnatal care, allowing you time to gently recover  from your childbirth and providing you companionship and reassurance in your journey into parenthood.

* Offer breastfeeding support: identifying issues, pumping help, offering tips, feeding/changing tracking and referring out if needed.

 * Assisting in nourishing meal preparation for you and your family.

*  Help with light housekeeping and errands.

*  Help with newborn care and sibling care/integration.

Over-night care (8-hour minimum overnight shift)




Infant care specialist

$650 (24-hour care)

$360 (overnight care)

The responsibilities of a NCS is exclusively for the care of an infant. It includes

*feeding, bathing, changing the infant

*washing/cleaning/sterilizing bottles

*initiating a schedule for sleeping, meals, nap and play time.

Other responsibilities include advising and providing any requested consultation on infant needs, swaddling, breastfeeding guidance, cord and circumcision care and nursery organization. Many NCS have been providing care to new moms for decades! We bring to the family years of practical experience.

 A good night’s sleep is by far the biggest need for parents with an infant! for overnight service, I typically arrive at 10 pm and stays until 6 or 7 am, allowing parents to sleep and feel well rested for the next day.